Kegerator Manual

Please read entire manual.

This kegerator is equipped with a NORTH AMERICA STANDARD COUPLER (SANKEY).

No European kegs will work.

When you receive your kegerator immediately plug it in to allow it to cool.


  1. Connect the coupler inside the fridge to the keg by aligning the tabs on the coupler with the tabs on the keg and turn clockwise all the way. Pull the black handle out and down, this is called tapping the keg by engaging the coupler. Pull the handle out and lift up to disengage.
  2. Turn the CO2 release knob on top of the tank all the way counter clockwise. If needed you should adjust the pressure gauge on the tank. The gauge should read between 8-12lbs.
  3. Turn the red or blue switch below the gauge to open the line.
  4. Put the keg in to keep it cool.


Drain the lines of sanitizer by pulling down on the tap. Release the tap to stop pouring. Dump the first glass as it contains a food grade sanitizer.

If the flow is too fast or too slow you can adjust the CO2 pressure by turning the control under the gauge.

When you are finished with the kegerator and during transportation turn the CO2 off by turning the knob on top of the tank clockwise.

One 2.5 lb CO2 is enough CO2 for 2-3 kegs of beer. A 5 lb CO2 should be enough for 3-5 kegs of beer.


What causes beer to foam?

  1. Temperature:if you bought beer from us the temperature is between 3-5 degrees Celsius.  Warmer beer will be foamy so try to keep the temperature consistent. If the beer does get warm allow it to cool before continuing to pour.
  2. FRICTION:the movement of the beer in the keg will cause foam; the beer should sit for acouple hours prior to dispensing.
  3. PRESSURE:the ideal dispensing pressure should be between 8-12 lbs.
  4. When dispensing, tap handle should all open or all closed.
  5. After hours support call Russ on his cell 416.543.1697