Reviews from our guests

Sheppard Wine Works not only provides the highest quality, exceptional tasting wine but also the most friendly, professional and fun environment to bottle your own wine. A My husband and I were sceptical about making our own wine until we experienced Sheppard Wine Works. A The flavour and freshness of every batch of wine we make is outstanding. We can no longer find Vintage wines in the commercial stores that are as great in flavour as these wines. Our family and friends rave about these wines and everyone thinks we have spent a fortune on each bottle of wine. Not only is the wine of top quality but the service that is provided is awesome customer service and ensure our experience is positive and fun.

Jenny and Steve Cooper, Aurora, ON

I'd just like to take this opportunity to commend you on the incredible quality of the two batches of wine that I recently produced at Sheppard Wine Works. The two wines were the Australian Cabernet Sauvignon and the Pinot Grigio. I honestly cannot believe the quality of the Wine, I actually prefer it to the similar ones that I had been purchasing at the commercial outlets at three times the price! I had been contemplating this venture for quite some time but was always reticent about taking the first step, especially since I had no experience in Wine Making and what if I screwed up, then I read on your website that you guaranteed the end product and you would be available to guide me through the process. With the economy being what it is, I thought what have I got to lose! To cut a long story short, the process was simplicity itself and the quality superb!! Thanks again and as a side note, I loved the ambience in your store and the happy demeanour of your staff, it must be a fun place to work!

R. Stephens

I want to thank you for the best wine I have ever tasted. Our wedding guests really enjoyed receiving a bottle of wine instead of the usual boring favour. You made the process easy and we are customers for life! Many thanks,

A & L Lim

... A very friendly place, wonderful and helpful people, excellent quality of service. I will definitely recommend this store to all my friends!

K. Marczak

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